Classy Nails & Spa

Your Destination For Relaxation

We are a brand new spa located in Plymouth, MA. We pride ourselves in our ability to give you the best spa service possible. Our specialty is with nails, facials, and waxing.


Please join us for a relaxing day at Classy Nails and Spa.

We provide a cleanly, comforting setting with professional service in order to fulfill your service request. Our team is made up of trained men and women who have several years of working as nail technicians. The team is trained and experienced in providing you a fast, accurate, and soothing experience in the spa with cleanliness and customer satisfaction in mind.

Cleanliness is a virtue of ours. We base ourselves and our integrity on our ability to preform our jobs while providing the client with the cleanest service possible.

We also aim to provide relief and relaxation at our spa. Here, you can enjoy comfort and luxury at the same time with our facility. We focus directly on the client’s desires and will do best to surpass that standard.


The Nail Salon SPa



Our pedicure station comes with 16 pedicure chairs, massage capability, and USB Charging accessibility.


Our manicure station comes with two separate manicure areas with eight seat each, making it a grand total of sixteen chairs. Each station comes with a purse holder and built in ventilation. The manicure station also includes a nail drying table in the middle with both manicure and pedicure drying capability.


There are two facial and waxing rooms, each one containing a waxing station, waxing bed, sinks, and products.